Where you can  go with a girl

Asking someone out on a date is stressful. But all the difficulties, alas, do not end there. There are new questions "What to talk to her about?", "Is it worth giving something?", "How to impress her? And one of the most difficult problems - where to go with a girl? How to understand her tastes about places to eat? Where can you invite her? The answers are in this article.

What will she like?
The easiest way is to ask the girl herself. For example: "I'm asking you out on a date. Where would you like to spend it?". This will save time and save you a lot of hard thinking. However, sometimes you want to prepare a surprise, or it seems as if asking a straightforward question is not quite the delicate act. In order for the date spot to turn out to be suitable for the girl, you will have to study her personality. To do this, you can:

look through her social media pages - published posts, the "About me" section, photos, music;
ask around about her mutual friends, colleagues, her relatives;
Listen to what she talks about most often;
suggest she take a test for fun.
You could even suggest a test to determine her favorite place to date. Warn your date that the answers will be announced later. Then arrange a meeting with her according to the results of the psychological analysis.

Sometimes it is enough just to observe your partner. Her usual actions, personal things speak volumes. For example:

buys cute things like pens with feathers, reads books (genre plays a role) - romantic, easygoing, soft nature;
uses red lipstick, wears high heels, often wears skirts - passionate, but incredibly feminine personality;
loves sweaters, T-shirts with cartoon characters, paints her nails with bright or colorful nail polish - a strong, charismatic, cheerful person;
often thinks about something, prefers non-standard colors, design of things - a creative, sensitive, resourceful individuality.
The last tip in choosing a location: do not forget about yourself. The chosen location can bring the companion in delight. However, if the guy it causes discomfort, his companion will feel it. The situation will become tense, the conversation will not stick, and as a result the romantic rendezvous will fail miserably. It is better to stop at a compromise, if such a need nevertheless arises.

Where to go with a girl?
A classic move.
Sometimes it is difficult to know the character of your chosen one in just a couple of days, or she is a very reserved nature. For such cases, and there are classic dates. Most often they are appointed in three institutions:

A cafe;
a movie theater.
If you don't know much about the girl yet, the first option would be optimal. Cafes rarely have a clear specialization of cuisine and offer a European standard, but varied menu. Here, the lady of the heart has a better chance to find a dish to her liking.

A restaurant is a more complicated location, if only because it requires compliance with the dress code and knowledge of etiquette. Such a choice is suitable if you can see that your sweetheart is accustomed to such institutions. In this case, it is necessary to warn her about the destination, so that she has time to prepare. This rendezvous, alas, will not be a surprise.

The last place for a romantic classic is a movie theater. This is a common way to hold a rendezvous. However, if you buy tickets to a movie that your date doesn't like, you can get into trouble. Melodramas are romantic, but what if she is a bright fan of comedies or an enigmatic fan of thrillers?

Individual Strategy.
This subsection is for those who have already managed to get to know their couple at least a little bit. At the center of everything is her hobbies and hobbies.

If the girl is fond of handicrafts, needlework, painting, she will not mind going to the exhibition. Loves poetry, books - why not take her to the novice writers apartments?

Plays the piano - the Philharmonic. Loves rock - a concert of live music. Can't imagine herself without the fashion world - a huge mall where you can fool around, trying on different images. At the same time to offer yourself as a model for her imagination couturier will be a great idea. It also matters the temperament, introverts like more privacy, and extroverts on the contrary - noisy, crowded places.

Want to be alone with her? Why not? This is especially good if the girl is a marked introvert, a withdrawn personality. It will be much easier for her to open up and confide in a guy without the presence of strangers. If you don't know a familiar secluded place, that's fine:

The roof of a high-rise at sunset or after sunset, when the stars are visible;
Beaches in the closed season for bathing - it is better to bring a rug, a thermos with a hot drink;
walking through not crowded streets and parks;
a country house (you can rent a cottage at a tourist resort) or a summer cottage;
rest at home - movies, games, dinner (if you have known each other for a long time).