A budget date: a walk in the park

So, it's summer outside, around us are flashing beautiful strangers and we want them not to flicker, and were very close! :) However, as always there is a crisis, everything is expensive and even to take a girl to the movies can cost you a pretty penny. And if you take her to a cafe... And here, the banal first date, after which you do not know whether there will be a continuation, costs you a pretty penny.

Of course, you can invite her to go for a walk in the park, but what could be more banal than a walk in the park? But it can and should be varied!

So, first of all, you should know the park. Its most beautiful places, views and so on. Secluded benches and places where you can seduce your date for a kiss or just sit cuddle. Ideal if you were in the park a couple of days ago and know where something bloomed, if they plant flowers there.

So, how can you diversify your date in the park:

1. Rental.

If the park works rental bikes rollers and so on - take and skate. If a girl can not, and you know how - perfect! Teach your girlfriend! The main thing is not to bother with that - get it or not at her - you have not come for this! You came to support her, to say "you're really good at it already," to laugh together at her mistakes and gently hold her so she doesn't fall. If you're just riding, then think of a good route beforehand, where there will be interesting places to stop and take pictures.

2. Poems. 

Pick up in a library or bookstore a volume of love lyrics, or some favorite poet. Preferably the book should be small and not heavy. Suggest a game to the lady - periodically, one by one, open the book at random and read out passages from it. Also, if earlier in the correspondence you found out that the author and you have a common favorite book - you can take it. The algorithm is this - stopped somewhere - you read out a passage and you go on, discussing the text you just heard, then stopped she read out and continue walking. This gives a topic of conversation and diversifies the walk.
No you can not replace it with your smartphone - a paper book is almost an anachronism - which will add romance.

3. Soap bubbles.

Seemingly trivial, but beautiful and fascinating, and also brings you and your girlfriend back to childhood, which again gives a theme for conversation. Ideal if the park is some kind of elevation - a bridge and the like - to blow bubbles just standing on the ground is not so interesting, much more interesting to see how they come down peppered in the sunlight. It's important to have nice, sunny, calm weather. It's important to present them as a surprise, that is, do not say what you will do, and bring them to the launch site and announce: and now, pay attention! And get the bubbles!)

4. Movable and sedentary games .

Badminton requires quiet little windy weather, but it's worth it! Our grandparents played this game, and despite its apparent ease, it gives a good physical shake to the body. And at the same time available and interesting even to those who do not like sports. Set you can rent in the park, but it's better not to rely on chance, and buy your own, especially since it's inexpensive.

Suddenly: checkers! We need a board and a set of checkers. Why checkers and not backgammon or dominoes or chess or bingo and so on and so forth? Because we will not play banal checkers. This is boring and sad and suitable only for trains. This is a very interesting emotional gamble, because it is based more on the work of the body than the head. In short - you have to knock down your opponent's checkers with flicks of your fingers. Of course you can bring your favorite board game, if you think that it will be interesting for the lady.

5. Picnic

Also pretty trivial at first glance. However ladies love it for some reason! So, you'll need a rug, a beautiful place where you can spread it and sit on the grass - with a beautiful view and food. Here's the tricky part about the food, it really depends on the lady's preferences. I did a simple thing, even without plaid, just in the summer - I bought a good fragrant strawberries on the market and whipped cream in the store, took a couple of bags instead of plaid and spread them out on the warm grass in the park.

Bottom line:
Important: in correspondence to understand - what kind of girl will go for a walk with you to know what she is most interested. Loves to read - so a poem. Loves to move - so rent or badminton. Likes to sit around - you can have a picnic. Also think - will she be hungry or not, so if you have a lot of food warn - there will be a small picnic. Or even ask directly - how would you feel about a small picnic in nature? Again, the person may be trivial allergic to strawberries.

Important: The first date is an acquaintance. Its purpose is to look at the person, make friends with him, create a warm emotional atmosphere. It may also be the last one - so aim to just have a good time in the company.