First vacation for two

Choose a place with just the two of you
A vacation as a couple can be magical, or it can end up making you want to take a pilot course so you can fly home alone as soon as possible. These tips will help you have a good vacation and keep your relationship alive.

Before you know it, "no, you hang up first" will turn into "no, you're the one who didn't check when it's rainy season in Thailand." That's why you have to choose a vacation spot together. It's better that neither of you have been there before. If you insist on going somewhere you've been before, prepare to take responsibility for everything: bad coffee, a long line at a museum, or ugly towel-wrapped swans. Surely each of you has a list in your head of cities and countries you want to visit the most. Transfer it to paper, arrange the places in order of importance, and compare your lists. Just pick the first country you want to cross, and don't forget to check the weather, currency, and visa.

Decide who pays
Thought you figured out the money issue on the first date when you split the restaurant bill? As if you didn't. The budget determines where you'll go in general, what conditions you'll live in and what you'll be able to see. That's why you have to agree on everything before you find plane tickets.
If you earn more than your partner and are not ready to compromise yourself in anything, take on some of his expenses. For example, pay for your own lodging or meals. Otherwise you will have to choose a more affordable place or refuse to travel. Estimate how much you will spend per day on food, transportation and entertainment. This will allow you to determine how much money you will need, and then take one and a half times as much.

Don't take a lot of stuff
They say it doesn't matter how old your sneakers are if you walk around Paris in them. But most girls will only agree to such a thing in the dark. Not only is a girl's suitcase often several times larger than a man's, her things, like gas, fill all the free space, including the suitcase of the companion.

Advice here can only be given to guys: fit everything into one backpack. This way he is likely to remain untouched, and drag a backpack and a suitcase is still easier than two suitcases.

Don't be afraid to vacation in different ways 
There are two types of travelers. There are those who buy guidebooks in a bookstore, write out the route by minutes, get up on the alarm clock and, like a broken faucet, right from the morning start to drip on the brain. They try to make the most out of every minute and are willing to stay awake at all. Others just walk around town, have a daytime siesta, and spontaneously figure out what to do to occupy themselves.

If you belong to the second type, and a companion to the first, the trip can turn into a car ride with Sheldon Cooper. You'll find out what costume the Pee Boy last wore and that 18th century Parisian women wore lightning rods on their hats. The only question that will remain unanswered is, "When will it all end?"
To keep that from happening, the two of you pick five places you definitely want to see, or five things you want to do. Let them become a program minimum, from which you'll pull one thing every day, and the rest will go by itself.

Prepare to communicate 24/7
Sooner or later you'll tell each other about how badly your exes treated you, how cats are cooler than dogs, and why you had such stupid hair in school. On vacation, unlike in everyday life, you won't be able to tell how your boss almost caught you watching the "Druzhko Show" today. And then at least one of you will realize that you have nothing to talk about.

In order to talk about something, something has to be going on (which is why you'll have to give up going to the Maldives again). But you can only discuss what you've both seen. Scroll through all your social media feeds while you're in line at the Louvre, but don't be lazy to put away your smartphone for at least the half hour that you're inside. And if you don't see the Mona Lisa, it's better to blame other people's backs. This point perfectly complements the previous one: if you like to relax in different ways, do so. While one reads a book in the room, the other paragliders compete with seagulls. Then share the news with each other. This advice works the other way as well: if you feel like there's already too much communication, take a break.

Feel free to take lots of pictures
It often happens that one person in a couple only takes all the photos and the other person only poses for them. Chances are, by the end of the trip, you won't have any proof that you were there. This is that rare situation that justifies buying a selfie stick in front of your friends. But you can look for another way out: maybe that's how Murad Osmann came up with FollowMe.

And in general, it's easy to tell from photos whether a relationship has a prospect. If during the vacation your companion hasn't posted any photos with you on Instagram*, at the airport you can already download Tinder again.